We are Alexander and Charlotte Gannet and this is how we spent our 5 week holiday. Travelling slowly with kayaks through the spectacular and dramatic landscape of the west coast of Scotland. Just being there with full awareness, disconnect from everything to connect with nature. It relaxes the mind. We have encounters with wildlife, undergo the weather, meet interesting people. Exploring islands where not many people come.

Yes, we have got to do everything with our own 2 hands, there are no engines or machines to help us, there is only internet when we are lucky, no cappuccino around the corner. And just for this, it is a life-changing experience.

This type of holiday asks for some qualities like creativity, perseverance, flexibility, hardiness, practical skills. It is freedom at its best.

By writing this blog we would like to inspire you to go out in nature. The adventure starts by going out of your door. Observe what is out there and learn from it.

Charlotte and Alexander Gannet