Charlotte works, in everyday life, as a teacher at a vocational college in the Netherlands. She teaches a very Dutch subject. Floristry.  A challenging job, teaching 16 to 20 years olds to become florists. The kayaking holiday is the perfect antidote for her, to get rid of the worries and stress of work. A bit of cold salt water, a fresh breeze and 5 weeks, is exactly what she needs.

Charlotte calls Alexander ‘the colourful nerd’. He earned this nickname because he uses his creativity and outgoing character to create computer models. Luckily, the content of the models relates to the passionate stories you find on this blog. Like the weatherman predicts rain or sunshine, he creates models that will predict how flora or fauna species will disperse through the landscape or how humans will perceive and use a nature reserve.

We like to fish for a good mackerel but are not catfishing you. All our stories we share are real and we own up to them. We are happy to share our birth names whenever we meet. However, Charlotte and Alexander, our blog names, will give us the freedom to write intimate stories and not run into trouble that will hinder our professional lives. Besides ‘Have you come far today?’, an often asked question is ‘how do you take a leak, in a kayak?’ Some intimate details we might share, but not with the angry parent or serious researcher that just googled us to get in touch.